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Sample Website Proposal

  1. Problem statement
  2. Proposed solution
  3. Pricing information

Elena Maccarone, owner of Me & Marlee is looking to have a website designed to enable her to sell her organic cotton baby onesies online. The items are currently being sold via an online selling tool, Etsy, which displays volumes of similar products (competition), has limitations to being able to personalize the pages, and often creates confusion to the buyer. A website will give Elena more control over keeping her customers engaged with her own products, be able to share her story of her business, organize her products for easier navigation, with no listing limits. Elena can manage her sales and inventory and can add as many products as she would like to her online store!

Having a business related domain name will also provide Elena with an email address that can be used exclusively for her business and marketing.  This will give credibility to her business, as well as giving her control over her communication with her customers.

This is not your average baby onesie. Our goal with the website store is to capture visitors who are looking for unique baby clothing, targeting different types of customers, shoppers who are looking for shower gifts, grandparents, family, animal lovers, or even baby clothing boutiques.

We will build this site using WordPress, a very popular and well supported content management system, and WooCommerce, which is the eCommerce plugin that integrates well with WordPress and PayPal.

CharlesWorks has dedicated servers, using platforms specifically designed for WordPress.  Included with our hosting services are routine and automatic site backups, and software updates, which is essential for keeping the site secure and functioning seamlessly. We provide as close to 24/7 support as possible!  Once the website is launched, we continue to be here to provide support, answer questions, help to train our clients, or continue to add or change the site, according to the client’s needs. We seldom see a website that is truly finished. They require maintenance, updates, changes and additions. Since we host the websites we create, or recreate, we naturally encourage the ongoing relationship with our clients.


There are fixed costs, which are the domain name or domain names. These are about $15 each per year depending upon the extension (.com, .net, etc.) desired. I understand that Elena does not have a domain name yet. We can help her with finding an available domain name, register the domain, and manage the settings for the website server and email server.


Hosting is $19.99/month, which includes email hosting, site backups, software updates, theme and plugin updates. This is usually paid monthly.


Building the website: Estimated costs, between $2805 – $3825 (our rate is $85/hour for our hosting clients)


  • Elena has created a layout of a design using Photoshop, which I can use as a guide to create the website. She will also be able to provide the digital copy of the logo.
  • Integrating this design with the WordPress theme, approximately 4-6 hours $340 – $510
  • Installation of WooCommerce, complete the settings for WooCommerce, PayPal, email, pages for the shop, confirmation of sale, checkout, etc.  6-8 hours $510 – $680
  • Creating product pages, downloading, possibly resizing, images that are currently on Etsy, setting up unique product categories and product attributes to enable users to purchase long or short sleeve, of any denomination, of varying sizes (3-6 mo, 6-12 mo, 12-18 mo, 18-24 mo).  Initially there will be 15 product pages with their own unique description, photo gallery, tags, keywords, and page title.  The initial set up of the product pages and attributes are the most time intensive.  Adding more products will not be costly. Elena would like a hover effect on the image galleries rather than the standard gallery that is built into WooCommerce. Approx. 8 hours $680
  • Set up pages of the website with relevant content, “About”, “Shop”, “Cause”, “Contact”, and “Blog”.  Build form for contact, which will include Captcha, to discourage spammers.
    My understanding is that Elena would provide content for the “About” page and “Cause”. 3-6 hours $255 – $510
  • Set up of top navigation, footer navigation and sidebar categories.  The sidebar categories would enable users to view All Onesies, Short Sleeve Onesies, or Long Sleeve Onesies.  This is straight forward, but a little more time can be involved when giving this a customized look, rather than plain text.  2-3 hours, $170 – $255
  • Install and configure social media icons, visible in header, footer, or both, as well as on product pages, encouraging users to share shopped products with others.
    1-2 hours $85 – $170
  • Set up email marketing, (suggested Constant Contact but others integrate well with WordPress). Encourage visitors to join mailing list via a pop up or sign up link or button on website. 2-3 hours $170 – $255
  • Reviewing all of the pages for optimization for search engines.  Submit to search engines. 2-3 hours $170 – $255
  • Project Buffer time – In the event of issues with setup, plugin functions, changes in design, or incorporating additional features to the site that weren’t initially discussed or addressed here. 5-6 hours $425 – $510

To get started, we would register a domain name, and set up server space (19.99/mo.), which is when hosting would be effective.  Upon receipt of the logo and Photoshop files from Elena, I will set up a testing page and send that link to Elena to view periodically so that she can see the progress of the site and make requests and changes during the process.


We do not have contracts. We only ask for a nominal down payment upfront for the project. For a project of this size a deposit of $500 will confirm the commitment, and will allow setting a start date on the project. The estimate provided is low – high.  We bill by the minute at our hourly rate and not by the project.

In less complicated sites this estimate could be very much lower. We would rather estimate on the high side. Since we bill by the hour and not by the project, you are not charged if the project takes less time than expected. For instance, if you provide all the copy for the site, we can usually copy and paste that in. That dramatically reduces the time spent researching and writing your copy. The same applies to you providing a usable logo and photos and other graphics used on the site.