The CharlesWorks Team

Charles Oropallo

Charles Oropallo

Domains, Windows & Linux Server Support

Charles founded what evolved into CharlesWorks in June 1998. It grew tremendously from the start and was incorporated in 2006.

Charles has been involved with computer network communications since putting a Bulletin Board System (BBS) system called Access-80 online for messaging between users in November 1977.

Charles oversees staff training, hardware and software server operations, website setups, search engine optimization (SEO), web services sales, marketing, and provides technical support.

Charles’s interests include traveling, photography, building servers, computers, walking, hiking, networking, writing and woodworking.

Susan Oropallo

Susan Oropallo

Admin, Financial and Payroll Support

Susan has been involved with CharlesWorks along with Charles since June 1998.

Susan provides administrative support and financial oversight. As an experienced Payroll Manager, Susan also handles the CharlesWorks payroll.

Susan gained extensive experience as a Payroll Manager and an Accounts Payable Manager at Brookstone Company for many years, where she worked until retiring from there.

Susan also handles the business taxes and other financial and clerical parts of CharlesWorks.

Susan’s interests include traveling, walking, hiking, baking and reading.

Robin Snow

Robin Snow

General Manager, Website Design/Support

Robin began her involvement with CharlesWorks in May 2005.

Robin initially provided billing support and performed administrative functions for her first couple years with CharlesWorks.

Robin currently oversees the daily operations of CharlesWorks. She also provides technical support, website development, graphic design, search engine optimization, sales, employee training and marketing support.

Robin represents CharlesWorks in the 7:30 am to 9:00 am ABC (Active Business Connections) BNI chapter which normally meets in the Keene, NH area. Since COVID-19, her BNI chapter meets the first Thursday of each month in person at the Keene Chamber. Her remaining meetings occur each week via zoom. For more details about how to be a guest of Robin’s at her chapter, please visit the website.

Robin’s interests include traveling, reading, networking, physical fitness, swimming, running and grammy time.

Frank Mogavero

Frank Mogavero

Technical, Database and Linux Server Support

Frank has been assisting CharlesWorks with Linux and Database support since June 2011.

Frank has decades of experience in various Linux operating systems. He works primarily with Charles on the CharlesWorks servers on database operations and keeping the CharlesWorks Linux systems operating at peak performance.

Frank’s interests include computers, Linux operating systems, woodworking, furniture building, machining, and time with his wife and three children.

Michael Cole

Michael Cole

Website, Technical and Database Support

Michael has been assisting CharlesWorks with web content maintenance and website functionality since August 2013.

Mike has over two decades of experience in technical support, and a background in database and website management. Mike works with the CharlesWorks team and CharlesWorks clients on website content maintenance, database operations, and site function modifications.

Mike’s interests include science fiction, chess, and music of various genres.

Evan Cole

Evan Cole

Client Accounts, Domains, Tech Support

Evan has been with CharlesWorks since April 2017.

Evan first came on board while a high school junior. Evan has trained at CharlesWorks to handle web development, technical support, domain handling, customer service, networking, and billing.

Evan oversees billing and administrative functions. He also performs Search Engine Optimization (SEO), WordPress website updating, server maintenance and email setups. Evan works with email in environments such as Microsoft Hosted Exchange, Office 365, Roundcube, Google and SmarterMail.

Evan represents CharlesWorks in the Tuesday 9:00 am to 10:30 am Elm City BNI chapter which meets in person at the Keene, NH Chamber. For more details on how to be a guest of Evan’s at his chapter, please visit the website.

Some of Evan’s pastimes include reading, gaming and creating videos from video games.

Bruce Carlton

Bruce Carlton

Offices and Property Maintenance

Bruce has been with helping out CharlesWorks since August 2020.

Bruce has been working on completion of various building remodeling and structural changes for CharlesWorks offices, grounds and server rooms.

Bruce brings his decades of woodworking, home renovation and general life experience into completing the offices, server rooms and other areas utilized by CharlesWorks employees.

Some of Bruce’s interests include spinning, exercising, woodworking and furniture building.

Melinda Ancillo

Melinda Ancillo

Website Design/Support and Graphic/Logo Design

Melinda has been with CharlesWorks since October 2021. However, Melinda has been introducing web hosting clients to CharlesWorks for nearly twenty years.

Melinda came to CharlesWorks with decades of experience in the website development and marketing field to provide website development and support. She is an accomplished graphic and logo designer.

Melinda is proficient at website development, graphic design, logo design, search engine optimization, client training and client marketing support.

Some of Melinda’s pastimes are traveling, clubbing, gardening and cooking.

Mary Gotovich

Mary Gotovich

Client Accounts, Admin Support

Mary is the newest member of the Charles Works Team. She started in January 2023.

After a long, rewarding career in Landscape and Garden design down in the celebrated “Hamptons”, in 2019 she made the decision to resettle back in her much beloved New England.

Mary’s former career honed her skills for an attention to detail and quick adaptability that will translate beautifully here at CharlesWorks in her new role assisting with billing, account handling and clerical work.

Her interests and hobbies range from gardening, Bernese Mountain dogs, horticulture, gilding glass, painting, sewing, baking and Mary is an avid reader.

Mary has also been a long-time supporting member of various organizations whose focus is on the arts, the betterment of children and the ecology.

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