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How to Turn Off Post or Page Comments

Keeping your site cleared of spam comments will also allow it to operate more efficiently This will help keep the database smaller - which equates to faster. These are the comments that are allowed to be left on posts or pages on websites by website visitors. Most...

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Adding a Text Link to your Website

Nowadays it can be very handy to add a text link to be able to text someone from a web page. To create a hyperlink to text only, one needs only add this code: <a href="sms:1-408-555-1212">New SMS Message</a> Note that this functionality may be browser and...

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Avoid Typography Widows or Orphans

add the following to functions file /** * Avoid Typography Widows */ function kl_avoid_content_widows( $content ) { $pattern = '@(?:\s)([[:punct:][:word:]]+)(?:\s)(?!/>)([[:punct:][:word:]]+)(?:\s)([[:punct:][:word:]]+)@m'; $replacement = ' $1 $2 $3';...

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