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Website Development

Website Development

CharlesWorks offers a variety of options for creating and maintaining websites, and most importantly, getting your site found by search engines.

*Design Options

We custom modify a theme template to fit your branding.

Support and instructions are provided for our clients to maintain, edit, or add to their own website.

Although we are able to work with you through email, the best way to help you arrive at the website you want is to get to know YOU, and find out what you like. The best way to do that is to meet in person. If that is not possible, a phone call is the next best thing.

We offer ideas and options to develop your vision.  We will work with your existing branding and logo, help you develop your branding with design ideas and logo creation, or work with your own graphic designer to create the website that represents your business, and fits your needs.

*Copy and Content

Writing copy for your website so that it is engaging and informative requires being able to step out of your own shoes and see your business like your audience does. For that reason, it is often better to have someone else write your copy from an objective point of view. We will publish your copy as you provide it, work with your current writer, or write copy for you.

*Price Options

The cost of a website varies. One can spend anywhere from a couple hundred dollars for a simple web page template, to many thousands of dollars, depending on the complexity and size of the website. We often use the analogy of building a new home. Do you want a two car garage? No garage? Two bedrooms? Eight bedrooms? Oftentimes, a single page site is the affordable solution, which can be built upon at a later time.

Our website costs are calculated by the hour, not by the project.  We do our best to give you a realistic estimate based upon the scope of your website needs.  Logo, Colors, Branding, Fonts…Will you need us to write copy?  Will this be a WooCommerce site?  How much SEO will be involved?  Who will provide the images? Will contact forms be involved?
All of these elements that are part of creating the website takes time. We are flexible in handling a change in course, or adding another idea, but that also often adds more time to the original estimate.

We do not ask for the full estimate up front, but a deposit and payment as each invoice comes due is expected.