Web Hosting Services

CharlesWorks operates its own web server infrastructure. That means that besides website development, we are also a web hosting company. We provide you with server space for your web site. That space includes all of the files associated with your website’s operation. When your web address (your domain name) is typed in a web browser, CharlesWorks serves up the website’s pages. Here are some important things to consider when choosing where to host your website:

Where are the servers?
Many web developers will arrange for your web hosting. It’s important to know that you have right to choose who you do that business with. Oftentimes, the server that your site is with may actually be in another part of the country, or even out of the country. When your dollars go to an out-of-country company, you are supporting that country’s economy as opposed to your own.

At CharlesWorks, we have our own servers and infrastructure on site, making us available to our clients as needed, at many times of day. We also have servers and infrastructure available to us in other parts of the United States. We can truly say we are a local, American web services company.

Affordable Costs

Our costs are comparable with other hosting companies, but our personal service is priceless. Cheap hosting also often comes with little or no service, and mostly provides opportunities for advertisers. Such companies sell your private contact information to supplement their bottom line. We at CharlesWorks know and care about our clients and make ourselves available for them to keep the services available round the clock. What is a referral worth to you? At CharlesWorks, we actually make referrals to our clients – we send those needing their services to them every opportunity we get. That simply doesn’t happen with the big companies where clients are simply anonymous account numbers.

Platform Options

We supply services on both Windows and Linux platforms. Our servers will support sites created using HTML, .net, ASP, or PHP. We also handle most Content Management Systems, and MySQL database driven systems. Another of CharlesWorks advantages is having its own servers tuned best for running the most popular platform today: WordPress.

Free SSL Encryption

CharlesWorks offers the FREE Let’s Encrypt encryption service to offer SSL certificates for sites hosted on our infrastructure. SSL is an encryption protocol that helps guarantee you have reached the website you actually expected to reach. For instance, scammers and hackers set up phony bank or other websites to scam you. Having SSL helps raise the website visitor’s confidence he or she reached the correct site. SSL also helps ensure that information entered on a site is not read by others along the way – which can happen much more easily with an insecure connection.

Daily Backups

In case of power outages, lost data, equipment failure, hacked sites, does your current web host maintain a backup of your files? At CharlesWorks, we maintain backups of ALL of our websites on a regular basis for those unforeseen circumstances. Bear in mind that at CharlesWorks you can have your own web developer or even maintain your site yourself should you wish to do so. In such cases, you are responsible to ensure your site materials are backed up, as we cannot assume responsibility for sites we do not maintain. That being said, all of our WordPress sites are backed up automatically each night after midnight and kept for a month.

No Contracts

We do not require contracts on any of our services. And just like the very largest of companies, no one can guarantee 100% uptime. We feel that by providing quality service to our clients, contracts are certainly unnecessary. We want to provide the best service to do consistently – not just when a contract is renewing. On some products that are prepaid, additional charges may apply for early cancellation, as with email packages that we have waived setup fees when prepaid by the year. Early cancellation requires that we charge those fees prior to any refunds. Nearly all of our competitors do not issue refunds at all.

Ample Server Space

5,000 megabytes of server space is provided for most websites. That is plenty of space for most very large websites. If more space is needed, we of course will provide that at a small additional charge.

Website Statistics

“Stats” is a common web slang word for web statistics. It is simply seeing how often and from where a web site is being visited. More sophisticated stats software helps our clients understand how their visitors came from where they did as well. On our Windows platforms, we provide our clients with access to their log files and stats so that they can monitor traffic to their site using the popular AWStats software. On our Linux platforms, we provide the popular Webalizer software to monitor website traffic. On any platform, the user can always choose to install and use Google Analytics into their website coding as well.

Incredible Support

CharlesWorks provides down to earth, friendly support. We take pride in avoiding technical jargon! We like our web clients to feel comfortable calling us with questions or for help, without their having to feel like they ever have to be a web guru! Our best testimonials are received as a result of our service. We’ve found that people want someone to talk to who they are confident will understandably explain things to them and who is genuinely interested in helping them resolve problems when they arise. That’s what we do.