DNS 102: How to Check Your DNS Settings Issues

This CharlesWorks article addresses the intricacies of DNS (Domain Name System) and the challenges users might face with intermittent website connectivity due to DNS issues. It emphasizes the importance of DNS in internet connections and highlights the complexity of the connection process. The article provides a solution for better DNS by recommending Google’s public DNS servers. Furthermore, it offers step-by-step instructions for checking and modifying DNS settings on both Apple Mac and Windows 10 computers, ensuring users can easily navigate and adjust their DNS configurations.

Just What is a WordPress “Trackback” Anyway?

In the dynamic realm of WordPress, trackbacks serve as a manual communication tool between websites, allowing bloggers to notify others when their content is referenced. Unlike the automated pingback system, trackbacks require manual input, with bloggers sending a notification by entering the trackback URL of the post they’re referencing. While this method fosters in-depth discussions and community engagement, it also demands more effort and is susceptible to spam. Dive deeper to understand the intricacies of trackbacks and how they compare to pingbacks.

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