Modern office copiers can be a security risk. Almost every copier made since 2002 contains a hard drive, which stores a copy of every document the machine scans, prints, copies, or faxes. And if you need proof of just how dangerous this stored information can be, check out the following video from CBS News:

And also check out the blog and info about this at this site:

So here is a Poll: “Does your organization wipe data from photo-copier hard drives before copiers are decommissioned?”

  • Internal staff wipe the data
  • Third-party IT or copier technicians wipe the data while the machine is on site
  • Copier dealer or leasing company wipes the data once they reclaim the copier
  • Copier automatically wipes the data with a built-in feature
  • We don’t wipe data from copier hard drives

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