Getting Through a Pandemic Together

by | Jul 4, 2021 | COVID-19, Q & A, Random Info

A July 4th note from Charles

Here we are at the 4th of July of 2021 already! The loss of life suffered in 2020 was horrendous. Yet there are people who still do not think in terms of helping their fellow citizens – and themselves – by being vaccinated. The vaccine misinformation mills are in full production.

So think about who benefits when we do or do not vaccinate.

Who benefits when we don’t vaccinate?

When more of us are ill and can’t work, the economy suffers. There is no way the government wants that. They want us to all work so they can collect taxes from our labor. Let’s face it: Enemies of America benefit when we don’t vaccinate.

Who benefits when we do vaccinate?

We all benefit. The economy will return to normal – as will our lives. While vaccination does not stop everyone from getting sick, it greatly reduces our risks of protracted hospitalizations and of dying. Vaccinating greatly reduces the amount of medical bills that could pile up against us if we end up needing a hospital stay.

We are all vaccinated

At CharlesWorks we all chose to be vaccinated. Each of us employed here cares about both ourselves AND our clients. So when you make an appointment to meet with us in person, you can at least rest assured we have taken all the steps humanly possible to indicate we care about you. We hope that you are just as caring.

Applying for employment at CharlesWorks

The CharlesWorks policy is that individuals not vaccinated for COVID need not apply. That is one of the many ways we show we care about ourselves and others.

Vaccinations will help us return to normalcy

      • Vaccination is a small thing to do.
      • Vaccination is the patriotic thing to do.
      • Vaccination is the right thing to do.
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