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How do I transfer my domain name from MelbourneIT to GoDaddy?

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Domain Names, Technical Help

  • IMPORTANT: The Domain Registration Key (DRK) provided initially is different from the Domain Name password required later during domain name transfer.
  • MelbourneIT calls it Domain Name Password/authinfo while GoDaddy calls it an Authorization Code.
  • Make sure the domain name is unlocked at MelbourneIT before attempting a transfer to GoDaddy.

Procedure to transfer your domain name
from Melbourne IT to GoDaddy

Please write down your Domain Registration Key (DRK) to unlock your domain name at Melbourne IT, by following these instructions:

These steps indicate to us that you agree with the domain name’s transfer and that you authorize us to continue the transfer process.

To Authorize a Domain Name Transfer to Your Account

Log in to your Account Manager.

In the My Products section, click Domain Manager. From the Domains menu, select Pending Transfers.

Click the Authorization button and select Begin Transfer Authorization.

In the Transaction ID and Security Code fields, enter the codes from the email sent to the domain name’s administrative contact, and then click Next.

A list of domain names included in the transfer appear.

Click Next to confirm the transfer of the listed domain names.

If applicable, enter the Authorization Code from the current registrar, and then click Finish.

Checking Transfer Progress

You can track your transfer’s progress and view recommended action(s) to complete the transfer from the Pending Transfers page.

To Check Transfer Progress

Log in to your Account Manager.

In the My Products section, click Domain Manager.

From the Domains menu, select Pending Transfers.

The following information displays for each pending transfer:

Progress — The domain name’s current step in the domain transfer process. Mouse over the step to view a tooltip for the domain name’s current step.

Recommended Action — The recommended action to continue transferring the domain name.

Admin Email — The administrative email address currently associated with the domain name.

Click the domain name to display additional information:

Status — The domain name’s current status in the transfer process.

Step — A comprehensive description of the domain name’s current step in the transfer process.

Helpful Tips

Use these tips to ensure your domain name completes a smooth transfer:

GoDaddy does not transfer existing records and content from the previous registrar.

If you did not choose to retain the domain name’s nameservers on file with the previous registrar, GoDaddy parks the domain name on its parking nameservers and creates a new zone file for it when it’s activated in your account there.

These settings can be customized, as needed, through Total DNS Control in the Domain Manager. For more information, see About Transferring Your Domain Name.

After we notify you that the transfer is complete, log in to your account and verify the domain name’s contact information.

Inaccurate or incomplete information might result in the domain name’s cancellation.

All transfer authorization communication uses the the email address for the administrative contact of the domain name. Be sure that it’s correct with your current registrar.

If your transfer doesn’t complete in 30 days, it expires. GoDaddy can often restart it for you — contact support for assistance.

ICANN regulations prohibit transferring domain names registered or previously transferred in the last 60 days.

The domain name must be unlocked at its current registrar for the transfer to complete successfully.

To transfer a domain name to GoDaddy, you must first purchase a transfer. If, during the transfer purchase, the extension you’re trying to transfer is not listed, the domain name cannot be transferred to GoDaddy.

NOTE: For most domain name extensions, the move between registrars takes from 5 to 7 days once the transfer is authorized. The process and time required for the transfer can vary for certain extensions, primarily ccTLDs. For more information on exceptions to the transfer process for a specific domain name extension, see help content for that extension.

Transferring Domain Names from Melbourne IT

Domain name transfers can usually be completed in five days or less, but some transfers may take up to seven days.

To transfer a domain name from Melbourne IT to GoDaddy, you will need the following:

  • Your domain name unlocked
  • Access to the email address on file for the Administrative Contact for the domain name
  • Authorization or EPP code (for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .tv, .name, .de, and .asia domain names only)

Note that the domain name transfer cannot succeed unless the domain name is unlocked, the Administrative Contact email address is valid, and the correct authorization code is provided (for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .tv, .name, .de, and .asia domain names).

See below for a description of the specific elements and issues involved in transferring a domain name from Melbourne IT to GoDaddy.

Unlocking a Domain Name

Domain names registered with Melbourne IT may be locked to prevent unauthorized transfers. Before requesting the domain name transfer, the lock must be removed.

To Unlock a Domain Name

  • Log in to your Melbourne IT account at
  • From the Manage Domain Names section, click Manage Domain Names.
  • Click the domain name you want to unlock.
  • In the Overview section, click Unlock.

If a Melbourne IT reseller manages your domain name, you must contact that reseller to arrange to unlock your domain name. A fee for this service may apply.

Allow up to 24 hours for our system to recognize the status change. If you attempt to respond to the transfer approval message before our system recognizes the status change, the transfer will fail.

The Importance of the Domain Name’s Administrative Contact

The Administrative Contact, defined by the registrant, is one of the four contacts listed in the Whois database for a registered domain name. As part of the domain name transfer process, GoDaddy emails the Administrative Contact at the address listed in the Whois database.

The email contains the Transaction ID, Security Code, and instructions that are used to approve the transfer.

Changing Administrative Contact Information

If the Administrative Contact’s email address on file for the domain name at Melbourne IT is not correct, update the email address through your account at Melbourne IT.

To Change Administrative Contact Information

1. Log in to your Melbourne IT account at

2. From the Manage Domain Names section, click Manage Domain Names.

3. Click the domain name you want to update.

4. Click Change Contact Details.

5. Click Go to Advanced Mode.

6. Edit the Administrative Contact’s email address.

7. Click Continue.

Allow up to 24 hours for our system to recognize the change.

Authorization Code

To transfer a .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .tv, .name, .de, or .asia domain name, you need an authorization code. This is a unique code assigned by registrars to these domain names at the time of registration.

To Obtain the Authorization Code

1. Log in to your Melbourne IT account at

2. From the Domain Names section, click View/Manage Domain Names.

3. Click the desired domain name. The Domain Management page displays.

4. In the Domain Details section, click Retrieve Domain Name (authinfo) Password. The authorization code displays.

Transferring a Domain Name

After you’ve prepared the domain name and obtained the required information, you’re ready to begin the transfer.

To Transfer a Domain Name to GoDaddy

You have 30 days from the transfer purchase date to complete the transfer. If the transfer fails, you may resubmit your transfer request after correcting the problem causing the failure, and then retry
the transfer during that 30 day window.

1. Advise the domain name’s Administrative Contact of the transfer.

2. Purchase the transfer from our website. Within 24 hours, we email the domain name’s Administrative Contact with instructions on approving the transfer.

3. Approving the transfer requires access to the account in which the transfer was purchased. If the Administrative Contact doesn’t have access to the account, the email (containing the Transaction ID, Security Code, and instructions) should be forwarded to someone who does.

4. After the transfer is approved, GoDaddy sends a transfer request to the registry.

5. The registry notifies Melbourne IT of the request.

6. Melbourne IT sends an acceptance or denial notice to the registry. They have five calendar days to deny the transfer. Otherwise, the transfer is automatically approved.

7. The registry notifies GoDaddy of the acknowledgement or denial.

8. GoDaddy sends an email confirming the transfer outcome to the email address on file in the customer account where the transfer was purchased.


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