How to utilize your email list using the CharlesWorks SmarterMail email server

by | Dec 23, 2014 | Email, Technical Help

If your mail list is handled on our newest server (securely accessed at here is how you access and deal with your mail list (and your email there):

First, you get to your web mail in your favorite web browser : (this is secure webmail)
and fill in the required information:

From in there, if you press the EMAIL icon, and then your desired folder (like inbox or sent or whichever) you can check and send email.

To further manage your mail list, click on the GEARS icon (mousing over it displays Settings).

In that list, towards the bottom inside the Domain Settings you will see Mailing Lists.

Click on Mailing Lists and then click on Edit after choosing the list to manipulate.

Then click on Manage and click on Subscribers.

This brings you to where you can delete or add email list addresses.

Hitting New lets you add one: you add the email address (and then if there are any subscriber fields, click subscriber fields and add the appropriate information – if you have it – otherwise leave it blank).

If, for instance, your list name is list@your-domain.whatever, then sending an email from your account to list@your-domain.whatever will send that email out to your entire list.

Note that mail lists are not designed to send large emails. Attachments can often make the email too large to be handled by a mailing list. The best way to distribute a large attachment is to have us upload the attachment to the your web site and have them place a link in their email directly to it.

A final note of caution about email lists is to remember that you should always offer list recipients the option of removal from your list should they no longer desire to receive list emails. There are severe fines if you are deemed a spammer. Equally as bad would be the ill will your establishment might suffer if those who no longer desire your emails believe you are not responsive to their requests to be removed in a timely fashion.

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