In a WordPress site, one can upload the various photos to the website for use along with content to be displayed.

The photos are placed into what’s called the Media Library in your site. From the Media Library, you can use them as needed in various places throughout the website.

To help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you should really consider adding some information about every graphic that’s in there. You can add any interesting factoids or descriptors about each file, graphic or picture. This is important even for items like PDF files or other documents that may be in the Media Library.

Why is this important?

In a nutshell, this has to do with being found by the search engines. Text really helps get you found more than anything else at this point. So the more details you are able to enter about each graphic the better!

Here is how you can accomplish this task:

  • Navigate to the WordPress login of your website. The default is often something like If you don’t know this information contact whomever handles updating your website.
  • Enter the Username or Email Address in the first field.
  • Enter (copy and paste is best) your password in the Password field.
  • Click on the Log In button (you can click on Remember Me if you like but it’s not required).

This will bring you to the website’s “Dashboard”

In here, you can actually blow things up (LOL)!

  • Now click on word “Media” in the upper left sidebar

A page containing squares showing pictures should appear on your screen. Just start at the upper left one.

  • Click on the first picture to display its properties

Fill in each of these items – the material saves as you enter it:

  • Alternative Text – Enter a short sentence or a few words about what the picture represents.
  • Title – Feel free to overwrite whatever happens to be there. Put whatever you believe would be a nice title for the picture.
  • Caption – Text here will appear below the picture but can be removed later when the picture is used.
  • Description – You can write a detailed description about the picture or graphic here. The more information the better.

Now you’re ready to move to the next picture!

  • Clicking on the “>” character near the top right will move you to the next media element.

Repeat the process until you’re done.

It’s that simple really. Every word you enter into the media library descriptions will help your site to be found ahead of others!