Meet Steven Lotkowski, CharlesWorks Tech Support

by | Feb 1, 2014 | Web Hosting

Steven Lotkowski is our latest addition to the CharlesWorks Team. Formerly of Colts Neck, New Jersey Steve has a passion for hardware and the many remarkable feats it helps us accomplish in our everyday live. From your everyday smart phone to reusable rocket ships that capable of reaching atmospheric escape velocity (also known as Space those of us who are not technically inclined). If there is hardware involve Steve more thank likely knows about it.

An enthused gamer and the PC’s equivalent to a gearhead. Steven at his core relishing the challenges that come with building his own desktops and modifying them to perform above specifications. An interest that has translated into the hardware and server maintenance of the various boxes here at CharlesWorks today. Steve provides on-site technical support for our staff and clientele.

Steven acquired his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2009 at Keene State College of New Hampshire. Enhancing CharlesWorks repertoire of web-based specialists and designers.

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