Transferring a Domain from a GoDaddy Account to CharlesWorks

by | May 6, 2016 | Domain Names, Technical Help, Web Hosting

Transferring a domain from a GoDaddy account to the CharlesWorks GoDaddy account

A domain ACCOUNT transfer is the quickest way for us to get the necessary control to handle an existing domain name in a GoDaddy account.

The first thing that should be done is to set up the correct resolution parameters (pointing to the website and any email) in DNS on CharlesWorks name servers. Then edit the name servers for the domain changing accounts to:

In your GoDaddy interface you simply need to “initiate an account transfer” which can be accomplished like this. Note that GoDaddy changes the look of their interface on a regular basis, so it may be hard to find some of the pieces:

    • In your “All Domains” list check the box to select the domain to be moved to another account
    • Mouse over the gold button with a + sign in it titled “More”
    • Mouse down and click on “Begin Account Change”
    • Enter email address given to you by the CharlesWorks staff in the Email address and reenter the same below it to verify
    • Check the “I have the recipient’s customer account #/username” box
    • Enter the account number given to you by the CharlesWorks staff in the “Customer # /Username (recipient account)” box
    • Click the radio button to select “Use details from specified customer account”
    • Check the box indicating to “Keep the current name servers for this domain”
    • Click on the large green “Next” button
    • Rest of process is self-explanatory
CLICK HERE to find your domain name!   CLICK HERE to transfer your domain name!

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