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Editing Text Modules in Divi

by | Mar 5, 2021 | Technical Help, WordPress

WordPress Edits

Log into your WordPress Dashboard:

  • In a browser, enter https://yourdomainname/wp-admin (if this does not work and you are a CharlesWorks web client, please give us a call or email us and we’ll help).
  • Login with your administrative credentials (you should have been given a username and very secure password, which is easier to copy and paste. Once you have successfully logged in, you can tell your computer’s browser to save the password).

To edit existing content:

  • From the Admin Dashboard, click on Pages in the left hand menu. Find the page you’re trying to edit from the list, and click on ‘Edit’ underneath it.
  • Locate the gray module that you want to edit, toggle it open by clicking the gear icon. It will be next to a four way arrows icon. 
  • Make your edits and save and publish your way out of the module and “Update” your page

To Add a new Text Area:

  • Locate where on the page you want the new text area to go. The page builder layout follows the way everything on the page itself is laid out.
  • Click the grey plus icon underneath the last module in that row. Rows are Green bars the grey bars are nested within. Select ‘text’ from the list of modules.
  • Make your edits and save and publish your way out of the module and “Update” your page.

Modules are deleted with the trash can Icon. The Divi Builder has an Undo feature with Ctrl+Z.

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