If you’re moving high volumes of site content from a non-wordpress site and it contains embedded images, instead of finding each image and saving and reuploading it, this plugin will allow you to import images into the wordpress media library and update all the embed links to point locally.

  1. Find and add Automatic Upload Images into the wordpress site.
  2. After installation, check the plugin settings at Settings » Auto Upload Images to verify that everything looks in order
  3. To let the plugin do it’s thing, all that the user needs to do is update the posts with the external images. If you have a lot of posts, the easiest method is to go to the posts list. Simply go to Posts » All Posts page and then click on the Screen Options button at the top. Change the number of items per page to 200.
  4. Select all your posts and then select Edit under the bulk actions menu. After that you need to click the Apply button. WordPress will show you a quick edit box with all selected posts. You just need to click on the Update button, and WordPress will update all your posts.
  5. It may take some time to run, so be patient. Don’t navigate away from the page to let it run successfully. When the page reloads, check to make sure it’s run properly. If not, you may need to select a smaller number of posts and try again.