Is it Time to Review your Website?

by | Jun 1, 2014 | Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Hosting, WordPress

Does your website need a review? Like most businesses, you have a website. Well, that’s great! However, is your website up to date? Do you think you even need to update your website?

Whether your customers have just found you for the first time, or are returning customers, they are coming to your website for specific information about your products and services. When they find content that hasn’t changed since your website was launched, they may look for new material somewhere else! Then what? You risk losing your customer!

Website updates are also important for search engine performance. Adding new content and keyword information triggers the search engines to scan your website and index it according to what it sees as current and popular, relative to other websites in your industry. Distinctive and useful content helps the search engines recognize what your site is about. Posting new content on a regular basis gives the search engines a reason to scan your site more often.

How often should you update your website? It really depends on your industry and who your competition is. The important thing is to review your site on a regular basis. We recommend a website review at least once a month.

Is the contact information up to date? Have phone numbers, addresses or email accounts changed?

Are your hyperlinks working? It’s not good when a visitor clicks on a link and gets an error page or something other than they expected. This would happen if a link pointed to a webpage on someone else’s site that was moved or deleted. You have no control over their webpage, but you do have control over your references to it.

Is your portfolio of projects up to date? Clients like to see new material, and if your material is old, it implies that your service and products are also stale and outdated.

Do you have recent testimonials to share? Do you think that a testimonial from two years ago has the same effect as a current raving review? Don’t be afraid to ask your clients for testimonials. Most people are glad to do that when asked.

Do you have any noteworthy news to post? Let your clients know what your latest and greatest developments are. Maybe you’ve hired a new associate, or just completed a project, or you are expanding your business into a new area. Post your recent certifications, achievements and awards on your website. Any or all of these things contribute to your business credibility, as well as your popularity in the search engines.

Costs to keep website updated? There are options in keeping your website updated. Some of our clients have content management systems (like WordPress), which allows them to have their own access to the software and make changes and updates. Even with this option, many clients have found it be more efficient and cost effective to have us make the changes. Our charges for updates to sites are by the minute. A 10 minute change gets charged as 10 minutes (no hourly minimums). This makes it very affordable to keep your website updated and fresh with new material.

Put a website review on your calendar!
Just a little more attention to your website will bring amazing results to your business.

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