Maximizing Website Flexibility and Client Autonomy with Divi Theme Builder

by | Jan 14, 2024 | Technical Help, WordPress

This article will focus on using the Divi Theme Builder. As a seasoned web developer at CharlesWorks since 2004, I’ve had the pleasure of working with various tools and themes to create dynamic and user-friendly websites. One tool that has significantly enhanced my workflow is the Elegant Themes “Divi” theme. Despite having extensive experience in web development, my journey with Divi has been a learning curve, filled with discoveries and improvements. In this article, I’ll share insights from my recent experience using Divi Builder, particularly focusing on customizing sites for clients who frequently update their content.

Understanding the Divi Theme Builder

Divi Theme Builder is a powerful tool located in the bottom area of the WordPress dashboard. It’s an advanced feature of the Divi theme that allows for extensive customization of page templates. Here’s how I make the most out of it:

1. Hiding “Divi Builder”: Clients often prefer not seeing the “Divi Builder” tag. To address this, I create page templates directly in the Divi Theme Builder. This approach enhances the aesthetic appeal and maintains a professional look.

2. Customizing the Home Page with Blog Module: For a site’s home page, I frequently utilize the blog module. This module is versatile, allowing me to display the most recent blog posts. What’s more, it offers options to select specific categories, display content or excerpts, and control various elements like meta text size and button customization. The range of options within the module, especially in the Advanced tab and CSS, is nearly limitless.

The Ease of Template Creation

Creating templates in the Divi Theme Builder has been a game-changer for me. It allows for:

Assigning Specific Sidebars and Submenus: This feature is particularly useful for creating a cohesive and organized website structure.
Different Headers/Footers: The ability to have unique headers and footers for different pages adds to the site’s dynamic nature.

Comparison with Traditional CSS

While traditional CSS offers a degree of flexibility, Divi Theme Builder provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that may be more accessible, especially for those who are less experienced in coding. The builder also excels in optimizing for mobile sizes and creating various template pages.

My Journey from a Novice to a Divi Theme Builder Enthusiast

I recall my initial days in WordPress development, where traditional methods seemed daunting. However, as I delved deeper into Divi, I found myself becoming more adept and, eventually, a ‘Divi addict’. The continuous learning process with Divi is something I cherish, even though it often involves extensive customization and looking up resources for tweaking modules with limited options.

Leveraging Pre-made Layouts

Divi’s array of pre-made layouts is a significant asset. They serve as excellent starting points for design ideas. In one of my projects, I used a pre-made layout and retained elements like backgrounds, colors, and icons, while redesigning most of the layout. This approach saved time and provided a creative foundation to build upon.

Enhancing Client Autonomy

A crucial aspect of using Divi is facilitating client independence in updating their website. This is particularly important for clients who need to manage blogging and posting job opportunities regularly. For instance, in the Theme Builder, posts in specific categories (like “Job Opportunities”) can have distinct headers and sidebars, differentiating them from regular blog posts. This feature empowers clients to make their updates easily and efficiently.


The Divi Theme Builder is a robust tool that caters to both the developer’s creativity and the client’s need

for autonomy in managing their website. Its flexibility in template creation, ease of customization, and the ability to optimize for various devices make it an invaluable asset in the toolkit of any web developer, whether they are seasoned professionals or relative newcomers to the field.

Tips for Fellow Developers

1. Embrace the Learning Curve: If you’re new to Divi, give yourself time to explore and experiment. The plethora of options can be overwhelming at first, but they allow for incredible creativity and customization.

2. Utilize Pre-made Layouts: Don’t hesitate to start with pre-made layouts. They can significantly accelerate the design process and provide inspiration for unique modifications.

3. Focus on Client-Friendly Features: Remember that one of Divi’s strengths is its user-friendly interface for clients. Design with their ease of content management in mind.

4. Avoid Common Pitfalls: Caution clients against practices that can compromise the site’s functionality, such as copying and pasting text directly from Word documents into the Visual tab. It’s a common mistake that can lead to formatting issues and, in severe cases, page loading problems.

5. Customize Wisely: While customization is a powerful feature of Divi, it’s also easy to get carried away. Aim for a balance between uniqueness and practicality, ensuring that the site remains maintainable and efficient.

6. Keep Mobile Optimization in Mind: Always test your designs on various devices. Divi’s responsive design options are comprehensive, but it’s crucial to manually check how your layouts and modules behave on different screen sizes.

7. Stay Updated and Connected: The Divi community is vibrant and supportive. Engage with forums, tutorials, and webinars to stay updated on the latest features and best practices.

Final Thoughts

The Divi Theme Builder has not only streamlined my workflow but also enhanced the quality of the websites I develop. It strikes the perfect balance between developer control and client independence, making it an ideal choice for today’s dynamic web development needs. Whether you’re building a blog, a business site, or a complex e-commerce platform, Divi provides the tools and flexibility to create a site that meets your vision and exceeds your expectations.

In conclusion, whether you are a seasoned web developer or just starting with Divi, the potential for creativity and efficiency is immense. Embrace the learning, enjoy the process, and watch as your web development skills reach new heights with Divi.

This article aims to shed light on the practical and creative uses of the Divi Theme Builder from a personal perspective, based on my twenty plus years of experience in web development and my deep dive into the world of Divi. The link below can give you more information on Divi at Elegant Themes, and is our affiliate link to them:

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are ‘affiliate links.’ This means if you click on the link and purchase item from there, we will receive an affiliate commission.

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