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Optimize Divi for iPad View

by | Apr 30, 2021 | Technical Help

At CharlesWorks our favorite theme these days is Divi, by Elegant Themes. We highly recommend it as it allows for much customization which is key in providing unique aesthetics for websites.

The Divi theme has built-in settings for responsiveness for numerous devices with many sizes and shapes of screens. Divi accounts for the most common screen sizes – but unfortunately not for iPads at this time. Elegant Themes will most likely get this fixed or modified in future updates.

For right now, you can add the code below to your child theme’s CSS as a fix:

Note that if there are sections on your pages that you DON’T want to show on iPads, simply assign a CSS class of “dt-section”.

/* iPad Pro Fix */
@media only screen and ( max-width: 768px ) {
#et_mobile_nav_menu {
display: block;
#top-menu-nav, #top-menu {
display: none;
.dt-section {
display: none;

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