Transfer a WordPress Website

by | Apr 5, 2017 | WordPress

If you would like to host your current WordPress website with CharlesWorks, we simply need the following from you to get started. If you don’t know the answer to these questions, don’t worry! We can help you through the process with access into various pieces of where your current website is controlled from. We know what questions to ask!

Domain name:

  • Set the current domain¬†name servers to, and This will allow us to keep the domain pointed to your current site while the transfer is in process, and we test the site on our servers.¬† Then we can point the domain to our servers and confirm with you that its safe to discontinue your hosting service with your previous provider.
  • Ask your current domain registrar to UNLOCK the domain.
  • Ask your current domain registrar to change only the registrant email address to and note that some do not allow this without locking the domain for 60 days. If they change the registrant’s name, the domain name also will be locked for 60 days. That will delay the transfer of the domain for those 60 days. However, it will NOT stop you from being able to point the domain to CharlesWorks servers. We can guide you more closely on this part of the process.
  • Ask your current domain registrar to GENERATE THE EPP CODE for the domain and email it to us (at

Moving the website:

HTML Sites

We need FTP access to the current site so that we can obtain the current website’s files and upload them to our servers.

  • FTP account:
    FTP Username:
    FTP Password:

WordPress Sites

If a WordPress website, in addition to the FTP information these are extremely helpful:

  • MYSQL or database name, database username and database password.
  • A current administrative username and password.
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