Tricks and Treats in the Website World

by | Oct 1, 2011 | Domain Names, Web Hosting

We’ve heard many say they are affected by what they refer to as a continued decline in the economy. We are seeing more and more do it yourself ads in nearly every field of expertise.

This appears to be true in website and web services industry as well. Surprisingly, we’ve seen more business come our way from the do-it-yourselfers over the past couple years. Why would this be? They tell us they are simply frustrated. They say they’re tired of spending their valuable time trying to become an expert at web development. They’re tired of trying to be experts at something other than that which they are actually an expert at.

If you are exploring web services via the Internet, you will undoubtedly find or hear about what seem to be fantastic deals. All too often people learn the hard way that we have been taught all of our lives: You get what you pay for. Deep down we all know this is true. But many fall prey to the tricks – all those tempting marketing tricks and gimmicks. Here are a few of the favorites:

Free domain name
Free hosting
Free Site Builder
24/7 Friendly Technical Support
99.1% to 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space

Think about it: If all this were really true, the largest, most successful organizations in the world would be taking advantage of such circumstances. And we know that’s not the case…

At CharlesWorks, we are up front and realistic with what we offer. We don’t jazz it up with a bunch of gimmicks that don’t get you anywhere or that you don’t need. We focus on what we are best at so you can focus on what you are best at.

Your domain is privately registered and automatically renewed every year. When we handle it for you, you can rest assured that you won’t lose it because we will ensure it is always renewed. You get to focus on your business.
Everything on your website it there because you want it there. No annoying pop up windows. No distracting ads flashing on the side. You get to focus on your business.
We can provide a CMS (Content Management System) if that’s what you want. However, we are getting more and more business from those of you who have tried this route only to end up frustrated with the appearance and functionality of your site. The frustration primarily stems from the valuable time spent becoming proficient with new software. Far less time is spent if you just let the web people do the webwork, allowing you to spend your time making money at your profession. You get to focus on your business.
We provide 24/7 – AMERICAN – HUMAN – WE KNOW YOU – JARGON FREE support. Again, we often receive business from those of you frustrated and intimidated by the inadequate or nonexistent tech support from cheap providers. You get to focus on your business.
Uptime of 99.1 – 99.9% really means approximately 9 – 88 hours down time per year. Predicting uptime on the Internet is almost like predicting the weather. What about 100%? How can anyone guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong? We don’t sell perfection, but we do guarantee service. If there is an issue with the site, you can reach us and know that we will give the issue #1 priority. You get to focus on your business.
Offering unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space is like offering free air to breathe. “FREE” is without a doubt one of the greatest marketing tools used to get your attention. We provide the same bandwidth and disc space too, but we don’t need to lure you in by telling you it’s free. We provide everything you need for your website to function properly. You get to focus on your business.

There is what we hope you see as a common theme here – if you are a client with CharlesWorks, we work on what we provide for you and you get to focus on your business.

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