Uncustomary Domain Names

by | Dec 12, 2019 | Domain Names

Porn, Pornography, and the .XXX and Pornographic appearing Domain Names

So how did you end up here? We hope you are also wondering about that. By now you have figured out we are not a porn site and there is no pornography here.
Why would CharlesWorks even have an XXX domain name? Again, mostly a gimmick used by domain registrars (that we don’t necessarily agree with here). Fact is, what if your business name could be taken to have an unsavory slant on it, if you know what we mean?

That being said, be aware that anyone else – like your competitors, for example – could buy the XXX version of your domain name and put a site up that might be rather embarrassing or outright offensive to you and your business community. Even worse, and truly hard for us to believe as well, is the fact that this goes on all the time all over the Internet.

If you want, we can secure and manage the XXX version of your domain name (just like we manage CharlesWorks.XXX). Doing that will effectively prevent anyone else from acquiring it, even innocently. Our experience over the years has taught us that it is far, far easier to prevent problems such as these than to have to deal with it after it has started!

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