Lately it seems every time we pick up magazine, or turn on the TV, we see an ad for a company that is trying to persuade us to access, link to, or download from “The Cloud.”

Just what is “The Cloud” anyway? Is it some magical portal in the sky where we can access sage knowledge and wisdom from ages past? Have scientists developed a way to store digital information in the ionized particles of the earth’s atmosphere? Perhaps aliens are storing our digital information in their flying saucers and beaming it down to our Smartphone’s.

“The Cloud” is simply another buzz word referring to computer networks connected to the Internet (like this depiction from 2003 to the right) that we can access from our wireless, mobile devices. So we’ve really just renamed something that’s been around for some time now.

When you sit at your desktop computer, that is connected to the Internet via a DSL or cable wire and modem, you are accessing a massive network of computers that make up the World Wide Web or Internet. When you open your browser on your Smartphone, iPad or Droid template to search for something on Google you are accessing the same network of computers. Only this time, you are connecting to the Internet wirelessly through a radio signal from you handheld device to a router or cell phone tower. This is called accessing The Cloud. We can access files (photos, Microsoft Office Files, web pages, etc.) or we can run computer applications (a.k.a. apps) in The Cloud.

We at CharlesWorks can set you up with your very own space in The Cloud where you can store many of the files you need access to when you are on the go.

Give CharlesWorks a call today at (603) 924-9867 and let us help you access more in The Cloud for less.

About Michael Cole

Mike is part of the CharlesWorks technical support team. He has been helping people with web technology since 1996. He has a degree in Communications from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and has integrated his communication skills with technology.

Mike has been with CharlesWorks since August 2013. His web related experience includes web design and technical writing.

Mike is enthusiastic about helping people get onto the web. He is adept at explaining in non technical jargon about our ability to provide reliable and affordable hosting solutions.

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