1. Go to edit any product from the products list. You should see a field that says Product Data with a drop down below the text area. Click on the drop down and change the product from a Simple Product to a variable one
  2. Click on attributes in the left hand options on the Product Data box. You should see a new box that says Custom Product Attribute next to the word Add. Click on Add.
  3. Name the variation and provide the drop down options for it separated by a |. For example, A Variation named Size with the values of Big | Medium | Small
  4. Uncheck visible on product page and check Used for Variations, then click save.
  5. In the left hand menu in the Product Data box, click Variations. You should see a Box and a button next to it that says Go. Click go.
  6. You should now have a Number followed by a box that says ‘Any X’ depending on what you added in step 3. Select which variant you want from the drop down box.
  7. On the far right, there should be Three horizontal lines, a small arrow, and the word Remove. Click on the arrow to open up the variant and add information such as Pricing and sizes. You can reorder the items by clicking and dragging.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until all variants for that product are added and priced, then save and update and look at the product on the site to see if your new elements have been added correctly.