Yahoo and AOL Email Problems

Question "I seem to be having a lot of trouble emailing people who have Yahoo and AOL accounts. They are either getting my emails in their junk folder or not at all. Sometimes I'm not getting an indication the email was not undelivered and other times I get various...

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SmarterMail Webmail on Chrome

This post is mostly for CharlesWorks SmarterMail users. In recent days we have started hearing from SmarterMail users that their access to SmarterMail via webmail (in a browser) has been freezing up. People have been unable to send messages when this happens. The...

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Spam Email Tutorial

Log in to your mail account on the mail server securely at To mark an email as spam, right click on the mail item you want to flag as spam, then select Actions > Mark > Spam NOT SPAM NOTE: If you: flagged something as spam...

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Microsoft Outlook

How do I configure Outlook for my email Accounts?1.In Outlook, go to the Tools menu and click on Email Accounts. 2. Select Add a new email account and then click Next. 3. Select POP3 and then click Next. 4. Enter your email information: Your Name: your name Email...

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Creating Email Categories (Groups)

You can use Smarter Mail Categories to create an online group to be able to email groups of people such as staff, organizations, or other groups. You may think of these as "groups", in Smarter Mail, these are referred to as "Categories".1. First, create your Category,...

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