SmarterMail Webmail on Chrome

by | Nov 16, 2019 | Email

This post is mostly for CharlesWorks SmarterMail users.

In recent days we have started hearing from SmarterMail users that their access to SmarterMail via webmail (in a browser) has been freezing up. People have been unable to send messages when this happens. The issues seem to be arising with Google Chrome users.

We’ve made no changes to the mail server. We’ve ascertained that a “behind-the-scenes” update was apparently done to Google Chrome a couple days ago.

Obviously updates that Google performs on its browsers are beyond anyone’s control.

A quick fix is to use Firefox (another free web browser) for now. If you do not have Firefox on your laptop or desktop it can be safely installed via the website. Just click on the “Download Firefox” button. Firefox has been around for a long time. It is one of several trusted browsers that we recommend to our clients.

Computer software is extremely complex. For instance, my Chrome performs just fine with no issues accessing SmarterMail’s web page. Why it works on some and not on others has to do with the infinite combinations of software and settings each of our machines may have.

Hopefully this will relieve a few headaches!

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