Thank you for considering CharlesWorks to host and or create your website!

This agenda is intended to outline the basics of what is involved with website creation and how we at CharlesWorks work with our clients. Please feel free to ask additional questions.

Domain Name

I already have a domain name(s) – Great. Many of our clients choose to transfer their domain name to CharlesWorks management for the following benefits:

  • We renew domains, protecting you from downtime or losing your domain if you forget to renew – it happens!
  • Registered domains under CharlesWorks protects your personal information from spammers
  • Having access to your domain enables us to handle DNS

I need a domain name(s) – We have tools to help you register a domain name.

Estimated costs – $15 per year, per domain, for most top level domains (like .com, .net. .org)

Managed Hosting

Your website will be hosted here on one of CharlesWorks Servers, benefits being:

  • We have direct access to the server, managing and maintaining software and hardware, monitoring security updates and operating systems
  • We are able to provide an SSL Security Certificate for our clients at a low one time only installation cost (no additional ongoing fees)
  • Website disk usage is a generous 5 gigabytes of space which accommodates extremely large sites
  • Bandwidth is a generous 5 gigabytes per month which accommodates most very busy sites
  • Backups are performed on all of WordPress and Joomla websites daily, storing the last 30 days

Hosting Costs for all this: $19.99/month


Website Development and Maintenance

Website costs depend on a variety of factors, including theme design, graphic design, copy, images, navigation style, specific functions such as ecommerce, contact forms, gift cards, appointment scheduling, training, design for one vs. design-by-committee.

  • Our rate is $89/hour charged by the minute
  • Most of our websites range from $1300 to $1500
  • You own your website once payment is made for our building it
  • No Contracts
  • Client maintenance and training available


  • Most Email services are included with hosting with no additional monthly fee
  • If you already have email services on your domain, we will need usernames and passwords to migrate email to our servers
  • Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions are available through CharlesWorks

Additional things to consider – either for now or in the future

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Radio

Your Business Resource

Even though advertising is essential for any business, a referral from another client is usually the best. Due to years of networking and experience with other businesses in the community. please think of CharlesWorks as your trusted business resource, not only for marketing and advertising businesses, but for anything….cleaning, health related, home improvement, money management etc. We will be happy to direct you to the right people the best quality.